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Bobby & Vanessa met at church. They had several mutual friends who invited them to go. Their friends played matchmaker, in fact one of the main matchmaker was her dear friend Clara (whom I know and love - she is a Bilton Senior!). Clara and the rest of their friends kept pushing them together and Bobby ended up asking Vanessa out on a date.

Their first date was the BEST EVER. They went out to a really nice dinner and then went to watch a movie. Bobby selected a scary movie for them to watch. Vanessa hates scary movies but couldn't say no! But the night was filled endless talk and endless laughter. And they both knew there was a spark. There was many dates after that first one. In fact, they have been inseparable! They have made many great memories which continue to contain lots of smiles and laughter. It is literally all they do! Even during our photo session, they would break out into giggles at any given moment!!

They both agree they have sooo much in common including that they are both picky eaters. Just give them pizza and chicken strips and they are happy!

During our session Bobby was always so attentive with Vanessa. He helped her with shoes, buttons, hair and more. He wanted to be sure she was ok at all times. He was so sweet. And she would just smile at him so sweetly at all time, I can tell she just adores him.

Their story is so sweet - just like the two of them. I know this love is FOREVER.


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