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Meet this handsome young man - Donovan!! A modeling agency needs to come sign him up!!

Donovan is not only handsome - he is incredibly charming. He is such a sweet guy and so funny!! He made our photo shoot easy breezy and fun. His parents were with us and they are so very proud of him. He is handsome, charming, funny and SMART!!

While at Victoria East H.S., he participated all 4 years in band, cross country, track, basketball, football, student council and National Honor Society. In his senior year he was Senior Class President and graduated Magna Cum Laude. WOW! When did he sleep?? Impressive!!

When he was not staying busy with all his school activities he hangs out with his friends. He also loves playing video games, playing his guitar and listening to rock music. Give him a double bacon cheeseburger and you will make him very happy!! I'm sure he will give you one of his dazzling smiles!!

Donovan is attending Victoria College in the fall to begin the RN program. That is just the beginning for him!! He will continue in the medical field towards a nurse practitioner degree. I have no doubt this dynamic young man is going to accomplish everything he sets his mind to.

Sending thanks to parents Nathan & Kristal for choosing me to capture this proud moment in their lives. Pat yourselves on the back - you raised an impressive young man!!


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