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As you can see - Jace is super good looking. But he is also so sweet and so respectful! Jace is a senior at St. Joseph High School.

We took these photos in Port O'Connor on a super windy day. Although it was not the best conditions, Jace never lost his sweet disposition. He literally just went with the flow (see what I did there?). :) We did our best while we fought the wind and then Jace put his cowboy hat on and it was so much better!! And he sure looks extra handsome in that hat!

He is a sweet guy but he is also an impressive young man!! He is so involved in school. Lots of sports - he is in basketball, track, football, golf. He is also super smart! he is in National Honor Society and loves his furbaby Zoe. And he was recently crowned as Prom King!!

In his free time, he loves to fish, play ping pong and dominos. If you want to feed him give him a homemade steak and ice cream and he will be very happy!

After graduation, Jace will join his sister at Texas A&M where he will major in Biomedical Science. I can't wait to see what he accomplishes!

Thanks to mom Kim for being so sweet to me and trusting me to capture these wonderful memories!!


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