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YOLO. Love life to the fullest. Living my best life.

Those are the words that Alayna lives by. Every. Single. Day.

Someone asked me not to long ago - "Do you only photograph beautiful people?" Well yes I do! All my clients are beautiful!!!! And Alayna is no exception. She is beautiful inside and out. And so full of life!! From the very first time I met her, she was so full of energy and fun! With a sparkle in her eyes, she told me so many stories of all the fun ways she lives her life. Sometimes her mom Longina would listen with great pride in her eyes, other times Longina was rolling her eyes. But there was always great love in Longina's eyes!!

Alayna told me she was a K Pop fan. Being the old lady that I am, I had to ask "What is that?" Korean pop! Ohhhhh!! She loves Korean pop. She has been to many Korean Pop concerts - sometimes she just goes by herself (this would be one of the time Longina would roll her eyes). She has no problem driving herself to Houston or Austin or anywhere else. She also has a love for Llamas. They are her favorite things ever! Alayna is also very proud of her 8,000 followers on TikTok. She absolutely loves the camera!

During her time at Victoria East H.S. , Alayna was a cheerleader and a dancer but her real love is wrestling. Yes, you read that correctly - WRESTLING! This is one tough cookie - she has placed on many district levels - check out her photo with all her metals!!

The day of her senior session, we were all worried because it was drizzling all day long. But on the dot, just was we got started, the rain stopped. Like God cleared the clouds just for her. Alayna looked ahhhh-mazing - she had her makeup done by Celina Lane Beauty and the cutest outfits ever!! We had so much fun together - she had me living my best life!!!

Alayna plans to stay in Victoria and start at Victoria College. Her life goal is to become a Nurse Practitioner. I know this little go-getter is going to accomplish everything she sets out to do!!!

Special thank you to Longina & Alayna for choosing me to have so much fun with. I loved every minute! Thank you Alayna for becoming a Bilton Senior!

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