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Can I get a moment of silence on how GORGEOUS Rachel is? I have worked with Rachel a couple of other times (she modeled my wedding veils for me!) and I'm always in awe of her beauty. This session was no different.

Rachel has recently obtained her Real Estate License (congratulations Rachel!) and wanted to immediately start her Personal Branding campaign. Smart move girl!

We had a wonderful time together in downtown Victoria. A special thank you to Bella Bakery and Rosebud Cafe for allowing us to come in and take photos. They were so sweet to us. We made sure Rachel had lots of diversity in her portfolio to assure that she has plenty of photos to choose from.

Rachel has already been using her photos for her social media, I love watching how strategically she has been posting them. I'm sure she is tracking her engagement with every photo that she posts and appreciating all the Likes & Comments!

Thank you Rachel for trusting me to help you grow your business! I know you are going to be amazing and I wish you much success!

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