Wedding Chat with Sande | Wedding Hashtags

Oh Snap! How fun are wedding hashtags! I love them and am always impressed with the creativity of my bride & grooms choices. When my daughter Desiree got married (almost 3 years ago - wow!), her hashtag was #HappilyEverMartinez. I loved it so much!!

At a wedding, guests usually get all dressed up and looking good and come with cell phone in hand - ready to take photos and selfies. Of course they are going to post these pictures to their social media pages. But if you have a hashtag for them to include in their post, you can have all of your guests photos consolidated in one place for everyone to see. This is a fun & easy way for the bride & groom and their guests (and nosy photographers!) to look at the next day and see all those wonderful photos taken by everyone at the event.