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Sweetest Love Story | AnaBelle & Joshua

Chapter Two -

I've already told you the story of how these two love birds met through mutual friends. I've told you how they connected and became inseparable. And they fell in love. Crazy in love. Joshua knew he never wanted to spend a day without AnaBelle so he planned a perfect night to ask her to be his forever.

Joshua told AnaBelle he thought it would be fun to spend a weekend in San Antonio. They invited all of their friends to come along. The gang all spent the day having a blast at the San Antonio zoo. Afterwards they all freshened up and headed to beautiful downtown SA. When they were right in front of the beautiful San Fernando Cathedral Joshua suddenly fell down to one knee in front of AnaBelle. It was such an amazing moment. Josh asked Belle (as they call one another) to spend the rest of her life with him. Through smiles and tears Belle said YES!!! Be still my heart!

Chapter Three -

Joshua & AnaBelle came to interview me to possibly photograph their wedding. They were so sweet and I was impressed how mature they were, like wise beyond their years. We seemed to hit it off pretty quickly and they hired me for their wedding. I was thrilled.

A couple of months later, I received this message from AnaBelle "AnaBelleOkay so we ran into a little bump so we are going to push the wedding back". Luckily for us both, I was open on their new day. A month later AnaBelle & Joshua are excitingly announcing that AnaBelle is expecting a baby!! Oh!! So that's the little "bump" you ran into to!!

Baby Jett was born just in 2017 and he is just delicious. Joshua & AnaBelle are such wonderful new parents. I can feel the love everytime they post a photo on Facebook of their sweet little family.

Chapter Four -

Joshua & AnaBelle were married on a beautiful, sunny day. Their ceremony was at iconic and beautiful St. Mary's Church in downtown Victoria was so personable and romantic. Little Jett was present and he was so peaceful - just dozing during the ceremony. AnaBelle was a vision in her gorgeous lace gown and I just have to add that she sparkled with her bridal jewelry from Sande's Boutique!! Joshua was tall and handsome in his dark blue Tuxedo. They were a stunning couple for sure!!

After the ceremony, the party started at Beneath the Oaks in Blessing, TX. That place is sooooooo gorgeous. I could so photo shoots there all day long there are so many beautiful spots. I have to give a huge shout out to their caterer - K2 Steakhouse in Bay City. It was such a wonderful dinner - guests had a choice of Chicken Fried Steak or Chicken Fried Chicken with the creamiest mashed potatoes, green beans and hot soft rolls. Thank you Josh & Belle for giving me a long enough break to truly enjoy this delicious meal!! After dinner, the couple and their fun-loving families & friends had such a fun night rocking under the lights to their favorite songs. I had a blast watching & documenting every precious moment.

Epilogue -

This was my final wedding for 2017. As I've said, I've had to retire my wedding shoes because I just physically can't handle weddings any longer. As I watched Joshua & AnaBelle dance while gazing into each other's eyes, I was filled with regret and sadness. What other job allows you to be present at the happiest times of people's lives? What other job lets you meet fun new people you would have never crossed paths with? I wish I had started this career when I was in my 20's so I could have many more nights like this one.

Josh & Belle - I love your sweet little family so much. I know that life is going to bring you lots of joy and love. As with all my other couples, I will be stalking ya'll on Facebook and celebrating all your happy moments. I am so excited for your new house that will be the perfect place for all the new memories to come. Thank you so much or choosing me!!

May God Bless you abundantly.

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