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Mommy to Be Shoot | Karisma & KD

This shoot was a little unique because I didn’t meet anyone in person prior to the shoot. I had received an email from a lady from Philadelphia named Jesse. She said her daughter was pregnant, she would be in Texas in May and wanted to book a maternity photo shoot. All arrangements were made via email. When Karisma got off the car my inner gymnast did a cartwheel. She had long, soft brown hair and a flowy white dress that showed off a perfectly round tummy. KD had a nice smile and was so handsome and I finally got to meet Jesse in person.

The shoot was flawless – Karisma (don’t you just love her name?) and KD were so sweet and loving towards one another. And like all photo shoots – someone got a new name – I kept changing KD’s name to JD. But he was very gracious about it – just smiled and forgave me every time I would say “I’m sorry! I mean KD!”

The baby in the tummy was a little boy that Karisma & KD had already named Brady. He was due to arrive with fireworks on July 5. But Brady had some fireworks of his own planned – he arrived early on June 9 and is healthy and beautiful.

Congratulations Karisma, KD & Jesse. I know you are all over the moon in love with little Brady! Thanks for choosing me!

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