Maternity Photo Shoot | Evanly & Philip

Evanly & Philip were expecting their first baby and were so excited. Evanly was just glowing and looking gorgeous with that long beautiful hair and dazzling smile. Philip is obviously smitten with her and is such a nice, laid back guy.

The first thing I noticed about Evanly & Philip is how different in appearance they are! Evanly is so tiny with dark hair and Philip is soo tall with red hair! I told them I can't wait to see what their little girl is going to look like. We got right to work and I got into photographer mode - talking and guiding from behind the camera. If you follow me at all, you know that I'm really bad with names. Once I get someone's name wrong - it's stuck in my head. I directed Philip into a pose and called him Stephen. As soon as it came out of my mouth, I knew it was wrong and Philip looked at me like "who?" I'm so sorry!! But of course, the rest of the shoot he was "Stephen, oh I'm sorry - I mean Philip!" Luckily Philip was a good sport about it.

We had a beautiful sunset which always makes for the most amazing pictures. Evanly looked so radiant in that light - I took so many pictures of her because she just looked so perfect.

As they were reviewing their images, I learned that Philip has a great sense of humor - in fact he is hilarious! When he saw the pictures that showed Evanly's baby bump he said "You look like a pregnant Jasmine!" We laughed that they went away from this shoot with new names - Stephen & Jasmine.