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ANNOUNCEMENT! I have a Studio!

I can't stand it anymore. I wanted to wait to have a great big party to announce but it's not going to happen soon so I just couldn't wait any longer. I have to tell you.

I've been promising you that exciting things were coming for my business. One of those things was a new studio. For the last 3 years I have been working out of my home and have totally outgrown that. Since summer I have been trying to find a location to have a studio. I finally found a place! My new business address is 1421 Village Dr! I am so super excited - I literally squeal when I think about it!

This place is just perfect for me. I love it! Timmy and I have been working so hard the last 2 months trying to get it ready. It just seems to be taking forever!! But all good things come to those who wait. The longer it takes the better it looks. There is still much left to do!!!

When it is done, I am going to throw that big bang Grand Opening Celebration. When you come, you will find a beautiful place that is designed to pamper my clients. One of my business mottos will be "Where vanity is not only acceptable, it's encouraged." There will be lots of mirrors. I want my clients to leave my studio feeling beautiful and empowered. I want them to leave feeling pampered and like they just left the home of a good friend. I want them to know that their relationship with me is appreciated and treasured. I wouldn't have this place without my clients who trust me with the most important events of their lives. I want to give back to them.

I couldn't do this without Timmy. He has worked so hard evenings and weekends to fulfill all my wishes. His employees Donnie & Elan put in a beautiful floor for me. Tommy, who also works for Timmy, has done all the painting. Jonathan has completely transformed the bathroom by laying a beautiful tile floor. Desiree & Jessica listen to my ideas, give me decorating advice and celebrate everything I do. Alana & Brianna love my studio - they want to go there every day. They have helped me pack things, arrange things and even clean. They say they want to work for me and be my assistants.

Lastly - to God be the Glory. When I wanted to retire, He assured me that all my dreams would come true. As usual, He does not let me down. I get teary eyed when I think about it. I am grateful.

So I was hoping to have an great Christmas grand opening but It's not gonna happen so be watching for it in January. We can start 2016 with a bang! Merry Christmas everyone! I love you!

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