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Engagement Session | Cindi & Jason

Cindi was happily single and not looking for love. But we all know that love finds you when you least expect it!!

Jason is a contractor who was doing some work and remodeling at Cindi's house. Every time he was there, they would chat and eventually these chats lasted longer and longer. Finally neither could deny there was more there than just conversation, there were feelings that were growing. And those feelings grew into a deep, true love!!

Cindi and Jason are so easy peasy to be around. They were completely comfortable with one another, constantly talking and laughing. They were open to anything I wanted but they had one request. That they be photographed doing what is most natural - them together reading their bible. What a wonderful foundation for a marriage!!!

Thank you Cindi for choosing me to capture your love. I know you and Jason are going to have a wonderful life with eternal love!!!!


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