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I am so excited to share these photos of Kyleigh Nethery, owner of Trippie Little Hipppie!! There were two separate sessions so I am splitting the photos into two albums. They are all so fabulous!!

You have seen peeks of these photos because they are being featured in Inspiring Teen Magazine!!! Like me, they were so impressed with the entrepreneurial spirit of this teenager

Kyleigh has successfully launched her boutique - Trippie LIttle Hippie - an.d it has been amazing!!

Kyleigh has an old soul - she has a 70s soul - and the 70s are my jam so you know I want everything she sells. I've already bought several things from her and I want more!! Be sure to check out her Facebook and Instagram pages - you will want everything she sells too.

Kyleigh - you are my muse and I am so proud and honored to capture your beauty and be a small part of your business that I know is going to explode! Remember me when you are a global ultra-fabulous designer!!!


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