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When my daughter Desiree was growing up, she had a dear friend named Katherine. They have been friends since Jr. High. Well Alyssa is Katherine's niece and she is a carbon copy of her Aunt Katherine!! They look alike, they talk alike and they act alike!!

Alyssa comes from a large, loving family. You can see the way her family looks at her that they are so proud of Alyssa and just adore her.

The day of the photo session, Alyssa wanted to start downtown. Well, it didn't occur to us that it was a Homecoming night and there were people everywhere taking photos in their homecoming outfits. I mean - that was fun to watch and all, but a lot going on around us. So we hung around downtown and had lots of great photo shoots. Then her dad had a great idea - how about we finish up the session at your studio? YESSSS!! I loved that idea. So we finished up downtown and headed to my studio.

When we got there, I asked Alyssa what kind of music she likes and she mentioned several including Tejano. So I put Pandora on the Selena station and turned it up loud. We jammed to BiBi BomBom and all her other hits while we finished up the rest of her shoot.

I learned a lot about Alyssa during my time with her. She is super sweet and sooo smart. She has been involved in Student Council and this year was elected Class President! Isn't that amazing? Her other passion is soccer - she has been playing since she was 5 years old and currently serves as Goalie on the Victoria East team.

Alyssa has lots of amazing goals for her future. She plans to attend Incarnate Word in San Antonio after graduation going into the medical field. She is going to study to be an RN then continue her education to become an Oncologist. I have no doubt this precious young lady is going to fulfill all her dreams!!

While selecting her photos, her parents were trying to figure out what words to use on her photos, like "let the adventure believe" and "you did it!" etc. Then they said "the tassel was worth the hassle" but her mom quickly said "no, Alyssa was never a hassle". Isn't that the sweetest thing a mom can say? Goes to show what a sweetheart Alyssa is.

Thank you to the Sanchez & Garcia family for choosing me. I totally enjoyed my time with all of you!!

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