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I have had two recent encounters where the person I'm speaking to does not know the love of Jesus. I struggled to know what to say without seeming preachy or pushy. I never want to debate someone to convince them. All I can do is tell them what God has done for me.

🦋 I came to know God in the darkest time of my life. I was going through an awful divorce. I was having trouble with my kids. I was working two jobs to pay the bills. I was sad and exhausted. My friend Joyce told me to turn to God. I trusted her so I did.

🦋 I started regularly attending Faith Family Church. I started reading my bible and studying the amazing stories. I changed how I prayed. And in time, slowly, everything changed. My life became peaceful. My kids changed into loving, amazing humans. I met Timmy and God made him fall in love with me. It didn't happen overnight, but I could visibly see changes every day. None of this happened until I put my life into God's hands.

🦋 This past Friday I attended the Ladies Night Out at FFC. The theme was the value of good friends. It was fabulous and I enjoyed every minute. I am so blessed to have amazing friends.

🦋 I can't preach a sermon for sure but my life is my testimony of what God can do for you if you just trust Him.

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