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My photo session with Shayne was in true South Texas Spring weather. You never know from one day to the next what to expect. This day didn't look good for us, the sky was gray and the clouds were dark. I was worried that it was going to start pouring on us. But proof that prayer works - we were walking to a location and it started to sprinkle on us. As soon as we got to the location - which had a covered porch area - it started to pour! We took several photos at this location and when I was all out of ideas for the spot - the rain stopped and we were able to move on. Thank you Jesus!!!

Shayne is a quiet young man. Quiet and very sweet and respectful. He knew his momma wanted these photos and he was ready to do anything we asked of him. Shayne is very intelligent, he is graduating from Liberty High School and already has almost enough college credits to earn both an Associate of Arts AND an Associate of Science!! Wow!!

While in high school Shayne was in the ROTC. His rank at the time of graduation is Air Force Junior ROTC Cadet Staff Sargent. He also works at KAVU Television Group. This is a very busy, very accomplished young man!!! Shayne plans to continue his studies and will study Game Development and/or Game Design. I have no doubt this impressive young man can do anything he sets his mind too!!

Thank you Shayne for being so kind to me and special thanks to mom Angela for choosing me to capture this super proud time in your lives! AND for your continued support!

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