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I was real excited when Caitlyn and her mom Veronica decided they wanted to go to historic Mission Espirito Santo in Goliad for her session. I love the place so much. It's the perfect backdrop for such a gorgeous girl!!

Caitlyn is as sweet as her mom is. They are just the two friendliest, smileiest (ok I made that word up) and nicest people you would ever want to be around. I wish I would have taken a photo of mom Veronica during our session, she carried so much in her arms - clothing change, cap and gown, extra shoes and I don't know what else. She could have used a bunch of extra arms for sure!! She wanted to be so helpful for us - and she was!!

Caitlyn is graduating from Victoria East and plans to attend Victoria College to become a Registered Nurse. I think that will be the perfect career for her as she seems very caring and kind. I know she will succeed no matter what she does!!

Thank you Veronica & Caitlyn for choosing me to capture this proud time in your lives. I really enjoyed my time with ya'll!!!

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