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Senior Photo Shoot | Kevin

Kevin comes from good people. I have known his parents and grandparents for a lot of years. Every single one of them will give you the shirt off their back. And after spending time with Kevin, I can see he is the exact same way.

Sometimes boy don't really want to have their photo taken - they are doing it because mom wants the photos. I kind of think that was the case here - but that never stopped Kevin from being sweet, cooperative, smiling and posing. He was so respectful and kind to me.

As we walked around I got to get to know this Hallettsville H.S. senior a little better. He is a member of the Hallettsville H.S. Band and his favorite thing in the world is to go fishing (I'm sure he gets this from his grandpa!). Guess what his favorite food is? Yep - Seafood! He likes to eat what he catches!!!

I want to say a sweet thank you to the Lanni & Schneider family. You have always been great friends and I am grateful for you. I know you are proud of Kevin - ya'll have raised an amazing young man. May God bless him abundantly and give him the best life ever!

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