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How Personal Branding Can Help Your Business | Part 2


What is the difference between head shots & personal branding? A head shot is simply a photo of you, usually in front of a backdrop, shot from the waist up. There is nothing wrong with that. I have a company that schedules these quarterly. They have a photo of every one of their employees on their website. That works perfectly for that. It’s a brief introduction of who you are.

A Personal Branding session takes that MUCH further. We could start with traditional head shots because sometimes we need that! But then the real fun begins, photos of you in action!! Your photo session will include lifestyle type photos – photos of you on location, you with your products, you interacting with your clients – the sky is the limit! Your session will show your personality, your energy – and will tell the story your business wants to portray.

Studies have shown that lifestyle social media images get waaaay more interaction than your standard "head shot in front of a backdrop" shot. As you post your photos strategically, your clients will get to know you, trust you and understand how you can benefit them.

All Branding Sessions start with a complimentary pre-consultation. We will sit down to a brain storming session, get to know each other, discuss your vision for your shoot, get the story behind your business and pre-plan every step, including locations and outfit choices.

The day of your session will be a fun + stress free experience. We spend about 2 or so hours together. In that time, we can move around to different locations, including your place of business. You can be in your own element – doing your daily hustle and I will capture you in action. You should have multiple outfits so you end up with a very diverse portfolio. The possibilities are endless! No posy-posy shots, these will be lifestyle shots that show your personality. But while we are having fun, we will also be very intentional about getting the shots that best reflect your business.

If you’ve ever shot with me, you know that I am a talker. I direct constantly from behind the camera. You never have to worry about what to do next – I will talk you through every shot and guide you to look your best. Trust me, you will feel like you are just hanging out with a friend and her camera!

Your session comes with digital images, delivered to you on an online gallery. You will have a Corporate Print Release which allow you to use the photos any way you need. They can be used for your website, promotional materials, blogs, ads, social media, headers, banners and more!

Whew, I talk a lot don't I? I hope I covered everything. If I left anything else, please feel free to ask.

Thanks for popping in and listening to me. Running a small business is tough for sure - but if we support one another we can make it succeed!

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