Senior Session | Ireland

Don't you just love her name ? Ireland. It just sounds fabulous. And it completely fits this St. Joe Senior - she is totally fabulous.

Ireland's session was held in her family's beautiful country home. It is so farmhouse chic, I expected to see Joanna Gaines pop out of one of the rooms! This place was a photographer's dream - wide beautiful porches, hay bales, trees with moss hanging, country road and paths, fences and so much more. We ran out of time before we ran out of locations! I was in heaven.

Except - critters. As I've told you before, I am unreasonably afraid of critters. Like silly afraid. I saw spiders, we had a bee that buzzed around us around all day and then there was the slithering tail of a snake that I saw. I acted kind of brave until I saw the snake, then I went into my ridiculous mode by screaming and scaring the heck out of Ireland. I'm so sorry Ireland!!

Ireland started her senior session in a stunning red gown with a high slit. She gave it a boho vibe by going barefoot with it, which I thought was the perfect matchup of both casual + glam. She then went to a more casual vibe but I believe that the true Ireland came out in her last outfit - she put on her fave denim jacket and she just seemed to be so relaxed and at home in that outfit. She really got playful with me!