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Newborn Baby Boy | Everett

You may recognize Michael & Shelby. I photographed their wedding a couple of years ago. They are the sweetest couple you will ever meet. They are always smiling!!

Shelby contacted me earlier this year, she was so excited - they were going to have a baby! She was not very far along but knew she wanted to have her mommy-to-be session booked. I was excited too - I knew they were gonna make the best parents and photographing their joy would be a wonderful blessing.

But baby boy Everett had other plans for us - he decided to come a month early!! So we never got to take those maternity photos. Shelby contacted me again - asked if I would take photos of Everett. As with all my clients, I explain that I am not a "newborn" photographer. She said it was ok, they trusted me and wanted me to take them. You have no idea how happy that made me!!!

They arrived at my studio with Everett - he had been fed and changed and ready for his nap. He is such a perfect, beautiful baby boy with just a little bit of red hair. I fell in love on sight! And they were right, Everett was ready for a nap. The first session of photos was so easy, Everett just napped right through them. But then we had to change his clothes and he did not appreciate having his nap interrupted!! Poor baby, all he wanted to do was sleep! But once he was in mom or daddy's arms, he was just fine. He was so content to be held by them. Just as I predicted - Michael & Shelby are going to be wonderful parents!! They are so in love with one another and with baby Everett.

I want to say a special thank you to Everett & Shelby. There are amazing newborn photographers in Victoria but they chose to trust me and I will be forever grateful. I think we got some beautiful photos of them and of little Everett.

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