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Decorating for a Boudoir Session

Ahhhhh. There is nothing more fulfilling than decorating my studio for a Boudoir session. Since I started this business in my upstairs bedrooms, this has been my favorite part. I have decorated for bridal boudoirs, edgy boudoirs, rustic boudoirs and more. To me it's like creating art.

When I first started, I literally decorated every square inch of my studio. Even the walls - I hung drapes from the ceiling. I changed art work on the walls. Lots of pillows on the bed. As I've progressed through the years, I have found that less is more. My sessions are all about the beauty of my clients, not overly busy backdrops.

But I still decorate. For example - last week I did a bridal boudoir. So of course, I wanted my set up to be soft and romantic. So I truly did make it as clean as possible, using only the bare minimum. I added some flowers but not much else.

A pre-consultation is so important when booking a boudoir session. Before she books, I want my client to get a feel of my studio. I want her to tell me her vision for her session. I use this information to perfectly prepare the studio space for my client.

And the last accessory I have is my fridge filled with champagne, sparkling wines and light snacks. All of my clients come in with some nervousness and a mimosa or glass of champagne helps to get the edge off. A glass of champagne has found its way into many of my sessions! How sexy is a beautiful woman holding a glass of champagne!!

Boudoir photography was my first love and will always be my very favorite session of all!

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