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Victoria West H.S. Seniors | Yori & Vivian

When Rosita told me her daughters were twins, I truly expected identical twins. But as you can see from the photos - Yori & Vivian are not identical - AT ALL!

Both are quiet and reserved + sweet and funny all at the same time. I did several photos together and several individual. It was such a pleasure to be around them both.

Their heights is one of their first differences - Yori is way taller than Vivian. Plus she was wearing tall wedges while Vivian was wearing flats. The one thing they have in common is that they both are artists. Vivian loves sculpting with clay and Yori is into Body Art and Painting. Isn't that cool? They also both have great hair. So there I was with the hair envy again.

Their future is bright for sure. Both girls have big plans and dreams. Yori is very athletic and plans to join the Marines. She is fascinated with the law and wants a future in Intelligence. Vivian is the opposite - totally laid back. Plans to attend University of Houston to pursue a Business Degree. She loves to cook and dreams of having her own restaurant one day.

Thank you Rosita for bringing these wonderful young ladies to me. I truly enjoyed my time with them and I know you are so proud of them. They are poised, respectful and intelligent. The future will be a better place because of what these two beautiful ladies are going to accomplish!!

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