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Victoria East H.S. Senior | Haleigh

Haleigh's photo shoot almost didn't happen. The day of her photo shoot was typical South Texas weather. It was cloudy and windy and the weather was predicting a downpour. In fact, it was sprinkling when we arrived at Riverside Park for our shoot. Haleigh, her mom Eve and I discussed whether we should chance it or not. Everyone's calendars were so full, we really wanted to get it done. I knew rescheduling would be hard for everyone, but I didn't want Haleigh to have a less than perfect Senior Session experience. I wanted her to have good memories of her session and to have fun. Fighting the wind is never fun and then with possible rain - it could be a disaster.

But in true South Texas fashion, it didn't rain. The sprinkles were all we got. The wind even seemed to slow down the bit. So we got to work. And I'm so glad we did. We had a wonderful time.

I'll do anything for my clients. Haleigh wanted photos on the old railroad bridge downtown. I totally agreed - I had done a shoot there about 6 years ago and it has such a grunge, urban feel. I love it. I was excited about going back. So after the park, we headed for the bridge.

I have found that the older I get, the more unreasonable my brain behaves. For example - I am unreasonably afraid of bugs. Any bug - even a tiny one can totally freak me out. The same with heights. I have become petrified of heights. But I wasn't worried about this bridge. I've been there before, it's completely safe and it's not even that high. But as we go closer, I could feel my anxiety building. I tried to hide it and do my job. I kept telling myself to suck it up! It was ridiculous! This anxiety started when we were MAYBE two or three feet off the ground. In my mind I was scolding myself - "For the Love! You are not going to fall! Settle down!" But my self talk wasn't helping at all. There were times when I was literally crawling on my knees. Eve was so kind. She didn't act like I was silly - she literally took my arm and held me as I walked. I was so embarrassed!! I can't imagine what sweet Haleigh was thinking as she waited on the bridge for her chicken photographer to get there. The fear totally took away my Mojo. I did my best and we got some photos on the bridge. They were so kind about it, we got off and once I had my feet on solid ground, I felt my mojo slowly return.

We finished there and then headed for our beautiful courthouse for cap & gown photos. I was back to normal on those concrete sidewalks and we finished our session on a positive note - we had fun - it didn't rain - and we got some great photos!!! Whew! What a day!

I've already told you that Haleigh and her mom are very kind. But they are so cute with each other. You can tell that they have a wonderful relationship. It was so heartwarming to watch. The last photo you will see here is of Haleigh giving her mom a big hug. Haleigh is beautiful and is also super smart! She is a member of the National Honor Society and has plans to become an Ultrasound Tech. Well, she will now recognize any patients with unreasonable anxiety!!! LOL!!

Thank you Haleigh and Eve for choosing me. In spite of my not-so-proud moments, I am so blessed to have spent this time with ya'll. I wish for you an incredible future!!

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