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Victoria College Graduate | Ashley

Ashley came to my studio last fall. She was so excited her upcoming graduation from Victoria College in the Spring. First thing I noticed about Ashley were her eyes. Ashley's eyes almost tell the story before she does. Her eyes became sad as she told me about her struggles to go to college, how she built and sold crosses out of fence board to make money to pay for school. How she couldn't study until very late at night. She has a daughter that she wanted to be a good role model for. Tears fell as she told me her story. It was so hard. But she persevered and made it through. As she continued her story her eyes started to sparkle. She was so excited about her future!

Ashley is adorable and spunky. We had so much fun at her photo shoot - she could find fun poses without hardly any direction from me! She looked beautiful in her light blue lace dress. The color was perfect for her skin color and seemed to make her eyes shine brighter. She has an easy smile and an easy personality. When she talks about her parents - her eyes are filled with love and gratitude. When she talks about her daughter - her eyes are filled with love and pride. When she just talks - her eyes are filled with sparkle and fun!!

Ashley plans to continue her education in Business Management. At the end of her shoot she shared with me that she had just been hired at her dream job in Accounting. As she told me this, her eyes again sparkled. They sparkled with excitement but I could also see gratitude in them as well.

Ashley is an inspiration to anyone who says "it's too hard". Yes - that's true but take it one day at a time and never give up. Then your eyes can sparkle with excitement too.

Thank you Ashley for sharing your story with me. I am so proud of your strides and accomplishments. I enjoyed my time with you so much and I thank you and your parents for being so kind to me. God Bless ya'll.

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