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Let me introduce you to a beautiful young lady with a beautiful name - Rozlyn. Rozlyn is a senior at Victoria West High School and is not only beautiful, but very, very sweet. We had a wonderful time together and she totally rocked her Senior Session!!!

Rozlyn loved the idea of large trees and water so we decided Coleto Creek would be the perfect location for such a natural beauty. Rozlyn is artsy - she spends all her free time painting and drawing - so the beautiful landscape was just her style. I got to know her as we spent our time walking under the moss covered oaks finding different nooks to place and pose her. She is soft spoken, laid back and unpretentious and happy to do anything I asked of her. And once again - I had hair envy. Her thick beautiful hair was her crowning glory for sure. That and her bewitching eyes!

Rozlyn's favorite things to do is go on road trips with 90s hip hop on the radio. How cool is she? After graduation, she plans to attend Austin Community College to obtain a business management degree. I can't wait to see what this sweet beauty is going to accomplish!

I want to give a heartfelt thank you to Rozlyn and her doting dad - Robert. They put all their trust in me and I am deeply thankful to them both. I wish them both a blessed and happy future.

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