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Jacob's dad is in the military (Thank you for your service!!) so the family moves around. They are currently living in Alabama but home will always be Victoria. This is where family is.

During Spring Break, Jacob planned a trip to Victoria to visit his grandparents - Jeanette & Clarence. He also hoped to see his childhood friends - boys he has never lost touch with. So Jeanette arranged for a weekend in the country, invited all his childhood friends to come spend the weekend with Jacob. And Jeanette also arranged to have me there. She wanted senior photos of Jacob but she also wanted some pictures of Jacob and his buddies. She knew Jacob would love some memories with his best buds in Victoria.

I was excited to photograph these guys. The location was amazing - a vast land with Longhorn Cattle, donkeys and a very friendly horse. The guys were good looking, fun and cooperative with this photographer - they did everything I asked. My favorite part was when they did things only guys do for fun - like throwing thorn bushes and dried patties (you know what kind of patties I mean) at each other. Only guys!! Those were the best photos because I had lots of belly laughter to capture!!

Jacob is such a sweet and respectful young man with a super high wattage smile. He has had a wonderful high school experience - he played football & basketball. And when not in school he enjoys playing video games while listening to Kayne West. And take him to an Indian Restaurant and the boy is happy!!!

After he graduates from high school he plans to stay in Alabama and attend Troy University and major in Physical Therapy. With his smarts, good looks, fantastic smile and charming personality - I know he will accomplish anything he wants!

Thank you Jeanette for arranging to have me come out and photograph these fun young men. I had a blast! I loved the donkeys and the horse who was obviously mad at you for not bringing him a treat. LOL!

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