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Let me introduce you to a very quiet and sweet young man - Tristan. Tristan told me during our pre-consultation that he didn't like taking pictures - he was doing this to make his mom and grandmother happy. I told him I understood and would do my best to keep his session relaxed and fun. We would only do whatever he was comfortable with.

We met downtown and we started to walk around. I would ask him - how to do you like this doorway, or this window or whatever it was and he would make a quick decision - yes I like it, or no. I was pleasantly surprised how easy he was in front of the camera, how willing he was to please us. I would show him the back of my camera so he could see how he was doing and I could tell he was liking what he saw. He was so polite and cooperative and I really enjoyed my time with him and his mom.

As we walked around downtown Victoria, I got to know him a little better. He is so easy to chat with. His favorite thing to do is to hang with his friends and enjoy some pizza & honey bbq wings. He is really good at graphic design, (something I love and wish I could be better at!) so that fascinated me. Although Tristan isn't sure what his future hold for him at this time - he is attending Victoria College after graduation to get his basics and figure it out from there.

Tristan - I thank you for our time together. I really was impressed with your quiet charm and I think you photograph awesomely!! To your mom Sylvia - you are so sweet and I loved seeing the pride in your eyes as you watched Tristan smile for the camera. You've done a great job raising this young man. Congratulations on this wonderful accomplishment!

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