Wedding Chat with Sande - What Makes a Marriage Strong?

Up to now, Wedding Chat with Sande has been all about planning the perfect wedding. That's important for sure, but what about after the event? Husband & wife begin to navigate through the journey of marriage. Anyone who's done it knows it's not always easy!

I've told you that I stalk all my wedding couples on Facebook. Because I feel like their "wedding mom", I take joy watching them having fun with friends, buying houses, having babies and enjoying one another. I also see their occasional lows, and I am sad with them. But in the end, I see strong relationships.

I wanted today's chat to be about LOVE. I am a hopeless romantic who totally believes in the fairy tale. I thought I'd find some words of wisdom from inspirational people. I researched the internet some and then it occurred to me that I have the inspiration right in front of me - my couples! I can see the strength of these couples so I know they are doing something right! So I polled them - I asked them this - " what is the one thing you have learned that keeps you marriage strong?" I got some amazing responses!!!!

I also started at home by asking my Timmy what his secret to putting up with me is, I mean, what his secret to keeping our marriage strong is and he said this "Communication. And it's all about give and take. Can't be "all about me", there should be more giving and less taking." He truly lives by that - he is the most generous, thoughtful, giving man