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I never gave much thought to Wedding Insurance until Hurricane Harvey hit us on a Friday night. As I scrolled through Facebook, I saw so many vendors stating they were getting cancelations left and right. I too had to reschedule several photo shoots due to Harvey. My heart went out to the many brides who were planning a wedding during this time! I can't imagine how awful that was for them!

This makes me understand why insurance is so important. You've already paid all the vendors for a certain weekend and now everything has to be rescheduled. Will everyone be available? If not, will they give you refunds? If not, this is when wedding insurance is important. If you have insurance, they will pay you the rescheduling fees that you will surely incur.

Other things that insurance can cover:

VENDOR FAILS - what a nightmare this would be! I remember when my sister got married, about 2 weeks before the wedding her venue told her they had double booked the day. The venue had to compare the contracts and see who signed first. Luckily for my sister she had signed first but I think about the other couple. At the last minute they had to find another venue. They had to contact all their guests. OMG! Insurance would have helped that couple with those added expenses.

SOMEONE GETS INJURED-Did you know that most wedding injuries occur on the dance floor? Hey, I've watched and photographed many dance floors - not surprising!! LOL! What if that guest decided you were liable for their injuries? What if someone had too much to drink at your wedding and caused an accident? I shudder as I think of this. Having Wedding Liability Insurance could protect you from these claims.

MEDICAL EMERGENCY IN THE FAMILY - If someone in your family gets sick or injured right before a wedding, the last thing you want to worry about is having to pay to reschedule a wedding. Wedding cancellation policies could cover the costs to reschedule.

LOST OR RUINED ATTIRE AND JEWELRY - I think of all the brides who bought Alfred Angelo gowns and couldn't pick them up at the last minute. Ugh! I read of many stories of brides scrambling at the last minute to find new dresses. Many had budgets that were already stretched to the limit. Insurance could cover the added cost of having to buy a new gown at the last minute.

It doesn't seem that insurance is too expensive, can range from $150 to $550 depending on what coverage you choose. That's pretty reasonable considering the thousands of dollars you are spending on your wedding!! And hopefully you don't ever need to use it!!

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