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Cake Smash | Sweet Preslee

I am watching Preslee grow up before my lens. This is the 3rd photo shoot I've done of Preslee and I am more smitten each time I'm around her.

Preslee's aunt is one of my Bilton Brides - Devin. Devin has to be one of the greatest aunts ever! I can tell she and her husband Brandon just adore Preslee. Devin makes all the arrangements for the photo shoots and does everything she can to make them perfect.

Devin told me they wanted to do a cake smash and that the theme was going to be yellow ducky's. I thought that sounded so cute and I had so much fun decorating my set. As I shopped for props, I was drawn to the colors of light blue and yellow. I thought those colors would be cute for the pictures of Preslee in a tub. I contacted Devin to check with her and it turns out those were the same colors they were using!! Well that worked out perfect!

The day of the shoot was perfect. Preslee was in a wonderful mood and happy to smile for the camera. Devin and her momma Jackie are wonderful help, doing everything but stand on their head to entertain Preslee and keep her smiling. Preslee went through outfit changes, set changes and stayed happy. I couldn't have been more pleased!!

Thanks Devin for continuing to bring Preslee to me. I see how much you love Preslee and I don't take it for granted that you trust me to document these memories! Love you to the moon and back!!