Wedding Planning Checklist

Wedding planning can be so intimidating, especially for a first time bride. There is so much to do! Planning ahead can help keep the stress down plus allow you to actually enjoy the journey towards your big day. Is that possible? I believe it is! We started planning my daughter's wedding about 13 or 14 months in advance. We quickly decided who would pay for what. We met with vendors early on. And we loved every minute of it.

This is a checklist created by Bride's Magazine that I think is perfect:

Your 12-Month Wedding-Planning Checklist /react-text

react-text: 195 12 Months Out /react-text

  • react-text: 198 Determine your budget /react-text

  • react-text: 200 Make a guest list /react-text

  • react-text: 202 Hire a wedding planner /react-text

  • react-text: 204 Decide formality and overall theme /react-text