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Wedding Chat with Sande | Rainy Wedding Day

It's what we all hope doesn't happen - rain on our wedding day. It happened to my daughter Desiree. It didn't just rain on her wedding day - it poured. Luckily all events were scheduled indoors but the only way into the ceremony location was through a door with no cover. I didn't want my daughter and all her girls to get wet trying to get in. I prayed, prayed, prayed all morning long. My favorite story of that day is how God came through for us - this is a photo of the weather app at 5:00 PM on Desiree's wedding day. As you can see - at exactly 5:00 pm (the time of her ceremony) there was NO RAIN. It was scheduled to start back up at 6:00 pm but by that time, we were all back inside (and dry) Spring Creek venue. It actually didn't rain anymore that night and it was a wonderful evening.

As a photographer, it is challenging to get those wedding party photos after the ceremony on a rainy day. You have to rely on venue lighting which is usually pretty dim. But you do what you have to do right?

Here are 6 tips for gracefully handling rain on your wedding day according to the NY times:

1. Have a Plan B

Every outdoor wedding should have a Plan B. What will you do in the case of rain? Don't add to wedding day stress by trying to make a plan on the day of.

2. A rainy day tests anyone's patience. Get upset (just briefly) then collect yourself and take what comes.

You are allowed to have that moment. Everyone wants a perfect wedding day. But don't let it last. It is still a great celebration. Remember that the weather is out of your control, and just enjoy yourself.

3. The bride & groom are the stars of the ceremony; their attitude will set the tone for the entire celebration.

Your attitude is going to determine you guest's attitude. Just focus on the joy of the occasion and your guests will as well - even if a little wet!

4. Read the fine print on the contracts from service providers.

Ask your vendors what their rain policies are and read the contracts closely. That includes musicians. Musicians with string instruments won't play in dampness. (Again - have a plan B for music, just in case.) Another example is broken vases. At a wedding with high winds and rain, several flowers vases were broken. Will the couple be charged for those?

5. Don't forget the basics - have extra umbrellas and galoshes too.

Buy clear umbrellas. Your photographer will love you because they won't create a shadow on your face. Have extras for your wedding party and guests.

6. Maybe it's ok if your wedding has a few blemishes. Your marriage will too.

The NY Times tells the story of a couple who had to evacuate the area because of a threat of a hurricane. They wed at a restaurant instead. The vendors refused to refund any money. That is when having wedding insurance is important.

Marriage can be like a wedding - there will be ups and downs in married life, sometimes big ones. What you do is make the best of it, no matter what.

Here are a couple of my photos of my beautiful couples on their rainy day wedding. Each of these weddings were beautiful and fun and at the end of the day, they were husband and wife!

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