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Victoria East Graduate | Marissa

Marissa is my daughter's father-in-law's s granddaughter. Got that? LOL.

Marissa and I met the day of the shoot. She didn't have a lot of requests for her shoot except that I get some shots of her with her one love - softball. She loves her softball! Not a problem I told her. Other than that, Marissa was in my hands to photograph any way I wish. Any photographer will tell you that is a dream client!!

We had a really fun shoot. Marissa's parents and little brother joined us and you can just see the pride in their eyes. Marissa is poised, quietly intelligent. I think of the song lyrics "she doesn't know she's beautiful" because she was just so humble and almost blushed when I would tell her how gorgeous she looks. I love how she went from sweetness to fierce when she put on her softball jersey. Now I could see the pride in HER eyes!! I love Marissa's photos. They were so effortless.

Marissa is attending University of Houston Victoria this fall and will be studying to become an RN. How awesome.

Marissa - thank you for being so sweet to me and thank you to her parents and grandparents for choosing me to capture this proud time in your life! I wish you all the happiness in the world!!

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