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A Sweet Love Story | Homer & Diana

Chapter One -

One day at church Homer noticed this cutie volunteering at the coffee shop. He asked one of his Pastors what her name was and he said he didn’t know. Homer thought UGGH, isn’t my Pastor supposed to know everyone? Then Homer realized they sat in the same section. As church let out, they ended up leaving out of the same exit. Homer was a little behind her and her 3 “kamikaze” kids were chasing each other and almost ran him over. She got after them and quickly apologized. He thought, “cool, an opportunity to start up a conversation” so he told her “Oh, it looks like we are going the same way.” She said “yeah” and proceeded to hot step it to her car! So the next time Homer saw her at church, he was determined to talk to her. He saw her in the connection center, so he went to the area she was in and then she quickly moved to another area. He realized it was time to step up his game. So he resorted to alternative methods - Facebook. He knew she volunteered with one of his friends. So he found his friend on Facebook and friend requested her. Once she accepted, he searched through her friends list until he found her. Diana – finally a name!!!! Homer then friend requested Diana. She accepted very quickly. Homer messaged Diana and they began to talk via Facebook. Some people would say that Homer was resourceful, creative, even ingenious. NOT DIANA – she uses terms like stalking!!! LOL. After some conversation and hello's at church Homer finally asked her out for her birthday and she accepted. They have been inseparable ever since.

Chapter Two -

Homer's daughter works at Jared so she helped him pick out a ring. Which wasn’t that hard since Diana had already sent him several pics of rings that she liked. Homer had the ring for a while before he actually proposed. Every time he was going to propose, they would get into argument. Finally, he decided he was going to do it no matter what. So he asked her to go with him to the property they were buying, it has an amazing bridge on it. He set up the iPad telling her “let’s video our dancing skills.” He put on a Bruno Mars song and got on one knee. He asked Diana to be his wife and she replied “Are you sure? I am kind of mean.” Ugh! Really Diana!!!! LOL. Of course she did said Yes!

Chapter Three -

Their wedding day was a bright, beautiful, mild weathered day. The ceremony was held at the beautiful property that Homer and Diana have purchased. There were lots and lots of friends and family present - most importantly their children. Diana was 100% perfection in her David Tutera gown. She was radiant. Homer was dashing as he waited at the front of the aisle for his bride.

After the beautiful ceremony, everyone headed to Tin Spur Ranch in Inez. While the wedding photos were being taken, Homer & Diana's guests were treated to a cocktail hour complete with the Fire Pit food truck serving street tacos. Everyone thought that was their meal but that was only the appetizer!! After the cocktail hour, the Fire Pit also catered a delicious bar-b-que meal with all the trimmings for the dinner.

During the cocktail hour, guests served signature drinks created just for them: Diana’s drink was called “The Bridezilla” and was a cocktail made of Vodka, Pineapple Juice and Cranberry Juice. Homer’s drink was called “Purple Rain” (Homer is a huge Prince fan!) and was a cocktail made of Vodka, Grenadine, Blue Curacao and Cranberry Juice.

The first dance was nothing short of fabulous! Diana changed into her second gown - a beautiful, flowy gown perfect for dancing. Homer & Diana took dance lessons at Let’s Dance Studio and wowed the crowd with their first dance. Homer & Diana had a song mix which allowed them to show off all their moves – a Waltz, a Bachata, a Tango, a Cha Cha and finally the song Kiss by Prince. The guests loved every minute of it!!

This wedding was beautiful on so many levels it can't all be expressed here. The night continued with dancing and fun and a sparkler exit. I know the subsequent chapters of their lives with be as wonderful - filled with love, family, church and friends. I'm so grateful I got to be a part by documenting this love story.

Shout out to all the wonderful vendors who made every detail perfect:

Wedding Coordinator: Marge in Charge

Makeup Artist: Yurim Cabrera Makeup Artist

Hair Stylist: Vanessa Cole

Caterer: The Fire Pit

Purchased at: All About the Dress

Photographer: Duh! Me! Sande Bilton Photography

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