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A Love Story | Kelsey & Andrew's Romantic Wedding Day

Andrew was at the Concrete Street Amphitheater listening to Randy Rogers with a friend. It hadn't been that long since he moved here from Tennessee and thought maybe this would be a good night to meet a pretty girl. He let his eyes wander around a bit, checking it out. When he least expect it, a petite pretty girl walked past him and smiled. That smile captured his heart and never let it go. It was Kelsey. They spent the rest of that night with Kelsey teaching Andrew how to dance. And they never looked back. It wasn't long before Andrew was asking Kelsey to spend the rest of their lives together.

Their wedding day was laid back and sweet. Kelsey was so proud and excited to be wearing her grandmother's wedding dress which was 55 years old. Her grandmother was also petite and the dress fit Kelsey perfectly. The vintage decorations in soft yellow at La Bahia fit the theme of the the wedding perfectly. I love the moments before the wedding when everyone is getting ready and having fun. The Father of the bride always seems to have mixed emotions and Mr. Brown was no different. He was so cute! Kelsey was leaving her hotel room and walking down the hall in her wedding dress. Her dad was behind her and this was the conversation:

Mr. Brown: "Kelsey - are you still gonna be my friend?"

Kelsey: "Yes dad, I am."

Mr. Brown: "You'll come visit me?"

Kelsey: "Yes dad, of course I'll come visit you"

Everyone was laughing and Mr. Brown said "What? Kelsey is my best friend. We do everything together! I just want to be sure she is still going to do things with me!" He was very serious.

That's the picture of a perfect relationship between a father and his daughter. My heart was so full as I listened. What a good daddy.

I feel like Kelsey is my soul sister in a way - she is so organized and readily admits to having a Type A personality. During our photo time with her bridesmaids, she told me that she had trouble letting other people handling details. I can relate to that completely. And she does it well too. Everything she planned fell right into place. There was a funny moment during the ceremony when the officiant started laughing and saying that Kelsey was whispering directions to Andrew. The ceremony and the reception were full of love, laughter and fun. From the Goliad beer keg to the line dancing - everyone was having a blast.

Kelsey & Andrew completed this journey with a fantastic honeymoon to Puerto Rico. I followed each photo they posted and just smiled. I loved seeing how much fun they were having together. As soon as they returned, Kelsey walked across the stage graduating University of Houston Victoria with a Masters Degree in Education. I am in awe.

I want to thank Kelsey & Andrew for allowing me in to this magical time. I also want to thank the parents for being so kind and inviting. I am so blessed. It was all amazing!

Need to mention all the fantastic vendors that helped make this day so wonderful:

Venue: LaBahia Mission

MUA: Stephanie Serna & Marivel Menchaca

Hair Stylists: Rain Gutierrez & Annie Olivares

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