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Victoria College Graduate | Monica

I had not met Monica prior to our senior photo shoot. Her aunt Marlene hired me for the session. When Monica got out of the car, she looked so familiar. After introductions I asked her - do you by any chance have a boyfriend named Eric? She said yes, I do! Monica is the girlfriend of my nephew Eric. I had photographed her a few years ago at an anniversary party given by Eric's family. She stuck out at that party because of her confidence in front of the camera! Small world!

The shoot was at the VC campus and I had my granddaughter Brianna with me. Monica brought her cute cute puppy Lola with her. We gave Brianna the task of taking care of Lola. I'm not sure who took care of who. They had such a great time together running and playing!! Lola was nothing like her momma - complete the opposite - very camera shy. We got a couple of photos with Lola but she just didn't want to take pictures - she wanted to play with Brianna!!

Monica is not camera shy at all! She just flows in front of the camera, she easily took my instructions and went beyond them. She just moved around and had a good time. All I had to do was snap! I always try to get some quiet, pensive looks but that just didn't work with Monica. I would say - "ok, no smile in this one". She would not smile for maybe half a second and then give me her big sparkling smile. I don't think we got one photo without that beautiful smile! I am terrible with names and many of my clients often leave their sessions with new names. Monica was no exception - she became Erica to me during her shoot! That only made her laugh and smile some more!!

Monica is graduating from Victoria College's Physical Therapy program and already has a job lined up. Good luck with all you do Monica - keep sparkling!

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