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TAMCC Graduate | Xochitl

If you follow me at all, you will surely recognize this gorgeous young lady. Xochitl was my lingerie model at Hause Venue's Open House a couple of months ago. Xochitl is graduating from Texas A&M Corpus Christi and I was so happy to spend time with Xochitl capturing this proud chapter in her life.

Xochitl wanted to take her senior phots at TAMCC where she is grading from with a Bachelors degree in Business Marketing. I arrived in Corpus almost 2 hours early. I am extremely directionally challenged so I decided to go ahead and head to the campus before I got lost. I had been to TAMCC campus once before when I helped my move my nephew Alex in a couple of years ago. I remembered a nice eating area and thought I could just hang out there and work until it was time for the shoot. I got to the campus and it seemed larger than I remembered and I had no idea where that little eating area was at. So I rode around until I found it! I got off and the young lady in the entrance told me only students were allowed in there. So I asked her if there was a coffee shop or something. She pointed me in the direction of a Starbucks. Perfect! So I go that way and get off to find the Starbucks. Ran into two young men with backpacks who I assumed were students. Asked them where the Starbucks was - one of them pointed and told me he "thought it was that way". The other one pulled out a Bible and told me they were ministers who were here to teach everyone who the bride of Jesus was. He started to show me all the different areas in the bible that mentioned the bride of Jesus. I always appreciate those who are spreading God's word, so I listened politely. When he was done, I walked around a little more and found the Starbucks. I was so excited! I went back to my car, got my laptop, rolled it back to Starbucks and ordered a Chai tea. Sat at a table, started to pull out my laptop and asked the staff what time they closed. He said "in 5 minutes". UGH! Packed it back up and went back out. Luckily across the way was the school library and I was able to hang out there until Xochitl arrived.

Xochitl arrived with her sweet sister Alexa (who is Marketing director for The One Bride Guide!) and her mom Edith. Edith said hello and said "I feel like I know you from some place". We spent the rest of the shoot trying to figure it out. We finally realized that we both worked in the same building several years ago. We had met several times while getting coffee! Small world!

The shoot was fun - Xochitl is precious, laughs so easily and is completely comfortable in front of the camera. Mom and Alexa kept us all laughing, they were so much fun. After we got some photos at the campus, we took advantage of Corpus' beautiful downtown. We truly enjoyed ourselves - I never wanted to stop shooting. It felt more like a fashion photo shoot than a senior shoot! Plus I got to learn so much about Xochitl during this time - we talked about traveling, shopping, how she loves spending time by the water and hanging out with her family and friends. When we were done they invited me out for dinner. Turns out Xochitl and I share a love of pizza but surprisingly downtown Corpus closes kind of early so we ended up having burgers at the Surf Club. We were talking and laughing and completely lost track of time!

I got to spend the night and visit with one of my dearest friends Cynthia which made my trip to Corpus complete. Congratulations Xochitl - I know you are going to get the job of your dreams!!