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Senior Photo Shoot - Clara

Want to meet a little go getter? Well here you go - meet Clara. Clara is a senior at Bloomington High School and is such an impressive young lady!

Most of the time, I get senior photo shoot inquiries from mothers. But Clara contacted me herself. She arranged for the pre-consultation appointment, she knew where she wanted to have the shoot at and we quickly set a date of when she wanted to do it. I was immediately impressed with this young lady. And I really liked her - she smiled big, she carried herself well and was excited and sweet.

The shoot was held out at a beautiful private property in the country. You could see for miles - so pretty. Clara was so excited this day and was practically skipping as she walked. I always love new locations for shoots but I have an unreasonable fear of critters. Clara was so tickled as I tip toed around in my sparkly Tom's making sure I didn't step on a snake or walk into a spider web. I felt I had to explain that I had always been a city girl. She replied "Oh really - I couldn't tell." Oh you're funny too Clara!! We really had a good time - I enjoyed my time with her so much! At the end, she got her phone and said "Let's take a selfie Ms. Sande!" I was so touched she wanted a photo with me. Such a sweetheart.

This little go getter is a graduating from Bloomington High school where she is captain of the cheerleading squad, a cross country runner, a member of National Honor Society and loves Chicken Alfredo. She is attending the University of Houston this fall majoring in engineering. How impressive is she!

Clara you really touched my heart. You are such a darling. I'm sure you touch hearts everywhere you go. I wish you nothing but the best and I can't wait to watch you soar! Shine on!

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