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Senior Photo Shoot - Christian

Meet Christian. He is a senior at St. Joseph High School and is one cool cat.

I always suggest to my seniors that they choose two outfits for their shoot – perhaps one dressy and one casual. Christian’s mom Ann told me that Christian would be wearing a suit – in fact we had to reschedule the shoot because his suit was being tailored to fit him perfectly. Christian and his mom showed up with on their photo shoot day and Christian was wearing slacks and a long button down ...dress shirt. His mom told me this was his "casual look”. She said this is how Christian dresses all the time. He smiled and shrugged his shoulders and said “it’s comfortable!” I was soooo impressed! Ann said he gets this trait from his grandfather who also believed in always looking good.

Christian was very comfortable in front of the camera. He is so sweet and respectful and tries hard to please. He was willing to do anything we asked. We switched locations and Christian put on his suit. He looked so handsome! As I looked at him through my lens, I felt like I wasn’t shooting a senior but instead a CEO of a major corporation. I told him that and he just gave me this big cheesy grin. I believe I was foretelling his future! Or instead of a senior I was shooting a fashion shoot for GQ magazine. When I told him that he seemed to have even more swagger! What a delight this shoot was.

Christian is such a sweetie. Christian plans to go to college locally. We know his young man already knows how to dress for success. I believe we will see him do great things. Christian – don’t forget the little photographer who spoke into your future when you make it big!! I am sure you will need those corporate shoots before long! LOL! I truly wish you the best Christian. I have no doubt you are going to succeed at everything you do. Thanks to you and your mom for choosing me to capture this fun and exciting time in your life!