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Senior Photo Shoot - Haley

Meet Haley. The first thing you will notice is her long brown hair. Her flawless skin. Her perfect teeth. Her long legs. You will immediately notice she is stunning. That's surely what I first noticed. As soon as I saw her I knew I was going to enjoy photographing this beauty. And I did. She is a natural in front of the camera and made my job so easy. But as I photographed her, I learned her beauty is deeper than what we see!

Haley is a senior at St Dominic's High School in Austin. She is quiet, sweet and unassuming. While photographing her, I learned that she loves enchiladas and county music. Her mom told me with pride that she is an active in school and is graduating with high honors. She is in Spanish Club and everyone was laughing at the memory of her joining the soccer team for one day and quickly figured that wasn't for her!

Haley loves road trips and everyone agrees she makes road trips fun because she makes up songs as they go along. Everyone also agrees that Haley is sweet, selfless and kind. They tell how she mentors elementary students. Notice that I learned all about Haley through the stories her family told me because Haley didn't ever talk about herself, never bragged on herself.

What Haley did give me were big, genuine smiles (and lots of laughs!) She was energetic and eager to please. I was blown away by how beautifully she moved. My favorite moment of the day was the very end of the shoot. Her mom insisted that Haley put her hair up in a quick bun. Her mom told me that Haley always wears her hair in a bun. Haley effortlessly put her hair up and quickly got in place for her next pose. Her mom started to cry. She said this is her Haley. This is how she is used to seeing her. It was so sweet!

Haley is going to Texas State in the fall. She is majoring in Psychology and Speech Therapy. I can't wait to see what this young lady is going to accomplish. Thank you to Haley & her family for choosing me to capture this proud moment in your lives!

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