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Senior Photo Shoot - Bianca

Someone tell me what they are feeding young ladies these days -they are just so stinkin' gorgeous!!! And also so sweet and happy!

Bianca is such a natural in front of a camera. She effortlessly moved from pose to pose and rocked every single photo. She happily did anything I asked of her and took it to another level. I am just in love with her photos!

Bianca Is a senior at St. Joe High School and is full of energy and pep. She loves dancing for the Starlighters - and she also adores just hanging out with her family, especially her grandparents. Bianca has one other love - HER CATS. I got to meet the cats and I think I lost count! And those cats seem to be pretty fond of her too!!

I love listening and watching young adults as they talk about life, their loves and their future. Bianca's face lights up when she talks about how much she loves Beef & Broccoli at her favorite Chinese restaurant. Her face becomes a bit more serious as she talks about attending Victoria College this fall. She is considering becoming a math teacher. Well you go girl!!

Most of all I loved watching Bianca as she interacted with her mother Zoila. You can see her mother's pride and you can see a daughter's love. It warmed my heart to see what a close relationship they have and how much they love and respect each other. We took a couple of fun pictures of the two of them together and I can surely see where Bianca got her beauty from!!!!!

Bianca - I am so impressed with your poise and sweet spirit. I thank you for being so fun and comfortable around me. I believe we captured your peppy personality and good looks. Stay just the way you are - you will go far!

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