Wedding Chat with Sande | Wedding Gown Hanger

I love arriving to a wedding early and shooting all of the bride's beautiful details. Her shoes, jewelry, bouquet, veil, garter. And because I'm obsessed with wedding gowns, I love shooting the bride's dress most of all! I search around to find the best place - background and light - to photograph that gorgeous dress. I may take several photos from different locations. Love love love.

This may seem like a small thing to write a blog about but I always send a little suggestion to my brides prior to a wedding that they may not think about - the hanger. Most wedding gowns come from the bridal shot with either a plastic hanger or a cardboard covered hanger - neither which photograph really pretty. You have paid a lot of money for this dress and it deserves to be hung in style!! When my daughter got married, I bought her a personalized hanger from Etsy. They have thousands to choose from! You can find a hanger that fits your style, color and theme of your wedding. If that is not in your budget or you've waited too late to order one - then just bring a wooden hanger! You can even do a