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Senior Photo Shoot | Davey

I have know Davey's mom Norma for years and years. She is genuinely one of the nicest people I know. She laughs easy and never seems to lose her cool. Norma and her husband Oliver have one child - Davey. Davey is graduating this year from St. Joe High School.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Davey is just like his mom - easy smiles and lots of fun. He is such a sweet young man. All the girls I've photographed this season know Davey and say "Oh we love him! He's so sweet!". And then they add "And his mom is sooo nice too!"

Davey actually loves to take pictures. That is different for most guys right? At one point I asked him how he was doing and if he was ok to keep going. He said "Oh yeah, I'm good - I like taking pictures!" I was like "OK!". He was ready to do anything I asked of him and made it a fun time for both of us!!

Davey only had one request of me - could we end up the photo shoot at Whataburger? That is his favorite place and wanted to document that. Why sure Davey - we can do that!

Sweet Davey is going to college this fall in San Antonio. Someone with a personality like his is going to succeed in anything he does. Thanks Norma for choosing me to capture this fun chapter in your lives!