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What is your favorite Christmas Ornament?

What is your favorite Christmas tree ornament? I love ornaments and have a huge collection. I used to put up 4 trees (yes - 4!) each Christmas to showcase them all. Lack of time has kept me from doing that anymore so most of my ornaments are now carefully packed in my attic.

Call me Ms. McCheesy but one of my favorites is the ornament in this picture. It is a Hallmark ornament featuring Edward & Bella from Twilight. I think it is so sweet and romantic.

Whether you are a Twilight fan or not (which I definitely am) you have to admit that their fictional wedding was one of the most beautiful weddings ever. I watched the behind the scenes of the wedding and they created it using the inspiration of a Midsummer Nights Dream. It was stunning with no detail left undone.

But my favorite was Bella's bridal attire. I mean - that dress!! Oh my goodness. Probably one of the most beautiful wedding gowns ever made.

Here are some fun facts about this stunning wedding gown:

* It was created by designer Carolina Herrera.

* Stephanie Meyer selected the final design out of ten sketches that Ms. Herrera submitted.

* It was custom fit for Kirsten Stewart and took Ms. Herrera plus 4 seamstresses six months to complete.

*The back of the dress had 152 buttons that started from the neckline and ended at the hemline. Each sleeve had 17 additional buttons.

*Ms. Herrera though the back of the dress was romantic.

*Estimated value of the dress was $35,000

What made this dress complete? Those shoes of course! Bella's shoes were Manolo Blahnik.

Want a pair? Head on over to Neiman Marcus. You can pick those up for $1,295.00.

How did my question on what your favorite ornament is go to describing Twilight's wedding? I don't know - I guess it's just another sign of my severe ADD. LOL!

Merry Christmas friends!!!!

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