Wedding Chat with Sande - The Wedding Veil

My latest obsession is with Wedding Veils. As a photographer, I love when the bride has a veil as it can add so much beauty to the bridal portraits. I love using the veil to create interest and movement. Recently I have added veils to my boutique and just love, love, love. I get such great pleasure from the veils, love feeling the softness, admiring the uniqueness from each one - from the simple to the embellished. But it's not enough to just sell them, I felt like I had to educate myself on veils and wondered - where did this tradition even come from?

The word 'veil' means to shroud, mask or cover. Did some online reading and found that the veil originated with the ancient Greeks and Romans fear of evil spirits and demons. To scare away and confuse demons, brides were obscured by a veil. These were so thick that the bride couldn't even see through the veil. That is where the tradition of the father "giving her away" also came from - he was actually helping her down the ais