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Cooper Grandchildren

I always love when I get to go visit Rodney & Kathy Cooper. Their country home in LaWard is so comfy and welcoming and the family? Well - they are fun and more than just a little crazy!!

Kathy & I met in 1988 when she and I began working for the State of Texas. We saw each other get divorces, raise our children, get re-married and best of all - RETIRE from the State of Texas. Now we are both grandmothers and love that role best of all.

On the day of their photo shoot, I arrived at their house and it was as expected - lots of activity. Rodney was outside at their fantastic outdoor kitchen enjoying a beer and smoking some chicken wings. No one heard me knocking so I let myself in. The kitchen was buzzing with great food on the counter and the blender whipping up margaritas (or margos as Kathy likes to call them). The center of attention was the newest grandchild - Bellamy. Everyone was doting over this little doll. All the children were dressed in their favorite activity - dancing, cheerleading and baseball.

It took two trucks and my car to carry everyone plus the bales of hay to their pond where Kathy wanted the photos taken. My city car didn't know what to think as I drove down dusty trails and through farmland! We set the bales up, put the kids on it and the fun continued. They had a drone flying above us and I was surrounded by the entire family making every possible noise they could think of to keep the little ones smiling big. It was complete, crazy, wonderful chaos.

Kathy is one of the sweetest, most giving people I know. She was beaming with pride as she stood in the middle of her beautiful family. And you can see how much every member of her family loves her too. And let me tell you -- she is the funnest person to party with! She and I have had some fun times together!

Thank you Kathy for allowing me to capture your memories. I adore you and every member of you gorgeous, crazy family.

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