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The Venue on Church St | Jacob & Megan's Love Story

Jacob & Megan's Love Story begins in church. Megan was a sophomore at Memorial High School and Jacob was a junior at St. Joseph High School. They met while making their Confirmation at Our Lady of Sorrows Church. They completed their Confirmation at the end of the school year and were inseparable all summer long. It was during the next school year that they officially began dating. They didn't let the fact that they went to different high school deter them. They made morning dates to meet at Starbucks to see each other before school.

The next 8 years are a whirlwind of dates, friends and falling madly in love with each other. It also included extending their love to two adorable puppies named Oakley & Addie. One evening in September of 2015, they took their dogs on a walk in the Cuero park. They were walking on the peer, Megan had Addie, Jacob had Oakley. All of a sudden Oakley came up to Megan and Jacob said "What's on Oakley's collar?" Megan was a little confused so looked at the collar and saw something. She said "oh, its a bread tie" and as she went to take it off she saw the ring attached to it. Jacob took her hand and asked her to marry him. Megan was so surprised but of course said 'YES!' to the love of her life.

Their wedding day began with the bride and groom being surrounded by all their favorite people in the world. The Venue on Church St was decorated to perfection by Kurt & Company and it was breathtakingly beautiful with the combination of fresh flowers everywhere, chandeliers and chic décor. The ceremony was at St Michaels Catholic Church, two blocks from the venue. About 20 minutes into the ceremony a thunderstorm passed through town that knocked the power out. Jacob & Megan's ceremony suddenly became a candlelight affair!! Although the power never came back on, the ceremony was touching and beautiful and certainly memorable!

The Venue didn't have electricity either but that didn't damper the spirits of this fun crowd. But before long, everyone was cheering when the electricity came back on and the night was filled with fun, dancing and lots of love. The night ended with a sparkler exit that filled downtown with the noises of everyone cheering as the bride and groom made their grand exit!

Megan & Jacob both have great genes. Not only are they good looking but they come from wonderful, loving families. They have the support of loving parents but awesome, lifelong friends. It is obvious that Megan & Jacob, along with their furbabies, have a love that is eternal. I am so happy that I got to document this chapter in their love story and wish them all that is wonderful in the world.

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