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Boudoir Photo Shoot | Kaylene

My friend Kaylene and I were having a drink one afternoon and she seemed down in the dumps. After we talked about it for a while I told her "do you know what you need? A boudoir photo shoot!" I know that a boudoir photo shoot will lift the spirits quicker than anything else! Kaylene went from skeptical to excited in just a matter of minutes! We called our mutual friend Lea and asked her if she would do hair and makeup. Lea has done two boudoirs with me and know how fun they are and quickly agreed.

The morning of the shoot Kaylene showed up at my studio a little nervous but still excited. I had mimosas ready to take the edge off those nerves. Lea showed up with her make up kit and glammed Kaylene up!

Lea stayed and became my assistant for the day. For the next two hours we took pictures, drank mimosas, laughed like crazy. I am usually very gentle with my clients but poor Kaylene was manhandled by Lea in ways you don't even want to know! It just added to the laughter of the day.

At the end of the shoot, Kaylene sat and looked at her photos. I could see the self-confidence and happiness come back into her caramel colored eyes to see how beautiful she truly is. That is exactly what a Boudoir Photo shoot is supposed to do!

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