Mommy & Me | Stephanie & Girls

I met Stephanie and her sweet family at my Easter photo shoots. Stephanie had pre-warned me ahead of time that her little one may not cooperate. She doesn't like to take pictures. They arrived at their photo shoots and their two little girls were pretty, sweet and well behaved. And I guess the bunnies did their job because the little one was not only cooperative, but had fun and took some adorable photos!

So when Stephanie asked me to do a Mommy & Me photo shoot as a Father's Day gift for her husband, I was excited to see the girls again. Although it was a typical South Texas day - HOT - we had a wonderful time and created some great photos for her hubby. The younger girly had fun and totally got into the photo shoot. The older girl - well, she's just a photographer's dream - she loves the camera and the camera loves her. Stephanie rocked the photo shoot as well - you can easily see where the girlies gets their beauty from!