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Bridal Photo Shoot - Amanda

Amanda is the ultimate Bridechilla. She is so laid back and such a sweetheart. Always happy, always smiling. And she's a daddy's girl for sure. Her beautiful blue eyes light up when she talks about her daddy. When planning her Bridals she said we had to do a small photo shoot with her dad's classic 1981 Trans Am! Uh-ok! Her eyes also light up and she smiles real brightly when she talks about Brian. They are high school sweethearts and best friends. They both share a passion for fishing - in fact - if you check out the pictures of her wedding on my Facebook page you will see that the entire theme of their wedding was a cool Nautical theme. As a gift for their wedding Brian bought Amanda a new fishing rod with the date of their wedding engraved in it! How sweet is that??

Our day started with all of us meeting at Make Me Chic Salon where Amanda had her hair done by Morgan Pfeffer and make up by Amanda Ruiz from MAC. From there we went to the Port Lavaca Marina where her dad met us with his super cool, shiny Trans Am. Boy did that car bring back some memories. As a teenager my head would turn for sure if I saw a guy driving a Trans Am like this one! (Ok - I just totally aged myself.) After a few shots at the Marina with her mom & dad, we headed for her next location. I was very happy when Amanda said she wanted her Bridal photos done at Mansion by the Sea. I did an engagement shoot there a few months ago and I love that place so much. The owners are super sweet and their venue is gorgeous. The day was windy but we had beautiful light. Amanda's Oleg Cassini gown and Cathedral length veil literally took my breath away. She looked so, so beautiful and more importantly, she felt beautiful. We took pictures until we were both exhausted. I am very proud of her photos and she loves them.

I just adore Amanda and love her sweet little voice when she calls me "Ms. Sande". I am so grateful that she choose me to share this exciting time with her and wish her and Brian a long life of happiness. Forever.

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